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Health and Lifestyle Blood Test

Sample Type

Blood Sample

Tests Included

20 Biomarkers


3 Working Days

Is it for you?

Do you think your lifestyle could be healthier? Do you want to know which health risks apply to you so that you get motivated to improve? Or are you looking to confirm that changes you've already made are having a positive impact on your risk factors? If you want an easy, affordable test that covers many of the main lifestyle risks to health, then this Health and Lifestyle Blood Test is for you.
Proteins are vital to the functioning of cells and tissues as well as for building muscle. Proteins in the blood are measured to help diagnose liver or kidney disease as well as other conditions. Proteins also carry other molecules around the blood (e.g. hormones) so are often measured to help calculate how much of a particular hormone is bound to protein or free and therefore available to your cells. Raised proteins are often caused by dehydration but can also indicate other conditions. Low proteins can indicate severe malnutrition or malabsorption.

Pre Sample information

CRP levels can be affected by infection, inflammation, and illness. If you are taking this test because you have recently developed symptoms or they are worsening you should discuss these with your doctor. We suggest taking your test when any short-term change in your symptoms have settled. Fasting is optional for this test. Eating fatty foods might affect the results of a small number of blood tests so we may advise a retest when you are fasted. If you are interested in your triglyceride or LDL levels, then we do recommend fasting. Avoid heavy exercise and eating meat-rich meals for 48 hours before your test. Do not take biotin supplements for 2 days prior to this test. If you are taking prescribed biotin you should discuss this with your doctor. You should take this test before you take any vitamin or mineral supplements. Do not take vitamin B12 for two weeks prior to this test. If your B12 is prescribed ask your doctor whether you should stop before testing.